The Cause: Up With Trees

The Cause: Up With Trees

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Up With Trees is a nonprofit that works to beautify greater Tulsa by planting trees and to create urban forestry awareness through education. In 41 years, we have planted more than 30,000 trees at over 700 locations in the greater Tulsa area.

This year’s Green Leaf Gala will be raising funds to support Up With Trees programs and projects that transform the landscape across our county into a more beautiful and healthy home. Join us as we provide environmental equity throughout our vibrant and diverse community. Read more on our programs at

Highlights on some of our current projects:

Osage Prairie Trail Enhancements
The Osage Prairie Trail project involves 151 days of clean up and the planting of 850 trees from the Greenwood Cultural Center and the trailhead at B.S. Roberts Park extending north to 36th Street North. This includes the planting of food forests at Langston University, Carver Middle, Lacy Park, and Hawthorne Elementary school; trees for stormwater mitigation at B.S. Roberts Park, along portions of Dirty Butter Creek, and at a detention pond along Mohawk Blvd.; and trees to shade and beautify all affected areas of the trail. With a goal of completing this project in Fall 2018, we welcome the Tulsa community to join us as we plant, preserve, and promote the Osage Prairie Trail. For dates and details on how to get involved, visit This project is made possible thanks to the generous gift of the Joe & Jean Holliman Family Foundation.

Tree School in Tulsa Public Schools
Over the next 3 years, Up With Trees will implement our youth education program, Tree School, at 65 schools within the Tulsa Public School system. Students will engage in environmental science lessons that explore  the importance of trees as well as how trees affect our everyday lives from the air that we breathe to the paper on which we write. The students will also be involved in planting trees at their school to achieve a minimum of 10% tree canopy on each campus. Additionally, we will develop a Master Plan for the Tulsa Public School campuses detailing the state of their trees – including any calculated benefits or risks that exist. Pending the results of this Master Plan, Up With Trees will provide one year of cleanup to the existing trees. This project is made possible thanks to the generous gift of the Joe & Jean Holliman Family Foundation